T is for TrueNews

A Madness Talent for Don’t Rest Your Head

T is for TrueNews

The media, you know

has printed the story

there’s nowhere to go.

Some people call it Fake News. Sure. Most of it is… but not when you report it.

Publish a piece of News, spread the Word… the thing you made-up will happen. Hell, if you spend enough Madness it has happened already!

1-2 Madness: something unlikely, but of small entity, will happen. Eventually, probably in the next day or two (the news cycle is unrelenting, after all).

3-4 Madness: something very unlikely, or absurd, will happen very soon after you hit “Publish”. Or something of smaller entity will happen right away.

5-6 Madness: something YUGE will happen, no matter how absurd or covfefe. Or maybe it has already happened? One can never tell how deep the conspiracy goes, right?

As you use and abuse of this Talent, the meaning of the world starts to fray. The cause-effect relations strain. The plausibility gets thinner and thinner. Your link with factual reality becomes absent, even worse than what happens to most people in the Mad City. One day, before you realize it, you become a roving, screaming mass of contradictory conspiracy, constantly generating short lived edicts that the Paper Boys must deliver. You have become the Infowarrior.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0