Featured image of post DRYH Italian Edition at the Italian AmberCON

DRYH Italian Edition at the Italian AmberCON

Last weekend we presented the italian edition of EvilHat’s Don’t Rest Your Head at the Italian AmberCON in Modena: Non Cedere Al Sonno (NCAS) I can say it was a success: we had 3 demo tables planned (at maximum), and thought they would be enough… on saturday afternoon we had 5 demo tables running at full speed, and if we had another GM available we would have made 6, probably. Outstanding!

AmberCON for some hours had practically become NCASCon :)

We were sharing the table with the nice guy and gal of Narrattiva, the publishers of the italian editons of PTA and Dogs. Here are some photos, all nicely tagged (more or less): AmberCon 2008 Photos: Non Cedere Al Sonno