Featured image of post Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 26-27 (aka: Season 2, Ep01-02)

Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 26-27 (aka: Season 2, Ep01-02)

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Aaand they’re back.

The first episode has a quick montage showing/telling us about the big changes in the status quo both for the world and for the kids: a bit clumsy in visual narration terms, but without this trick the same info would have needed 3-4 episodes, and they only have 25 so they need to condense.

That said, there’s a lot going on here (below).

As said, a ton of irons has been thrown in the fire:

  • Tekkadan has grown: they’re all official and legit now, and with this come new tensions. Growing pains, but also internal strife, especially with kids that did not live through the blood crucible of their first campaign (I’m thinking of the guys in the Earth Branch especially).
  • McGillis has seized a seat in the 7 Stars inner council… but for him too now the context has become bigger. He’s playing in the big leagues now and the old powers that be won’t let him rule easily.
  • The kids in general have grown-up: many of them are now in charge of the newbies, even Shino Norba has to act like a responsible leader. But the same can be said for everyone.
  • Orga has to play the suited-up administrator, and it’s hard for him to check the accounts and strategize without going on the battlefield… I think we’ll see him back in a command Mobile Worker soon enough.
  • Mikatsuki… well, it was a nice touch showing how he considers himself somewhat less useful because he can only fight in the Barbatos, while everyone else also has chores (and skills) off-battle. Who knows, he might learn he has a role outside of the cockpit too…
  • So many newbs! So many named characters! So many targets for horrible deaths! Arrgh!
  • A new mysterious masked character! Well played, well played! Nice lampshading there. This time seems visually less inspired by Char but by F-91’s Carozzo Ronah/Iron Mask. …is that you, Gaelio?
  • And of course, Mobile Suits! Lots of them! I’m liking the Tekkadan grunties, especially Ryusei-team’s huge shields, used like medieval crossbowmen’s movable walls.

As usual, tons of stuff potentially to talk about.