Featured image of post Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 23-24 (Capsule Review)

Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 23-24 (Capsule Review)

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Only one to go, and things have started to converge.

Without any spoilers: yes, it’s a good Gundam show. A good non-UC Gundam show (I know, it’s pretty rare!).

Big spoilers ahead

Holy crap the Grim Reaper (and the long shadow of Kill-em-all Tomino’s legacy) has finally caught with these fast-moving kids.

So. Much. Death.

I gotta say, Orga has a way with words, and that speech probably resonated strongly in the minds and hearts of kids that knew only violence for money for so long… and now they have a cause, a greater good to strive for: family, Tekkadan.

Still, sad about all the kids we grew to like and know… both in tekkadan and in teiwaz: Azee and Lafter :(

And in the end, many Gundam tropes have showed up: McGillis was more Char than we knew. He really worked within Gjallarhorn to “reform” them… killing many of his childhood friends (or acquaintances, at least) in the process.

The Graze Ein is our giant version, the final boss, a bit Zeong, a bit Psycho Gundam. Ein himself is so far gone, that death will just be a mercy.

And I have no doubt he’ll go down to Mika’s sword. But I’m not sure how much of the Barbatos will remain. After all, Bandai needs an excuse for a full new line of MS in the next season… (next season!!!)