Featured image of post Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 14-21 (Capsule Review)

Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 14-21 (Capsule Review)

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Lots of stuff happened in the handful of episodes I watched in a row (I’ve been busy), and the show continues to be good! Spoilers below!

  • Workers revolt! Union rights! Socialist Gundam!
  • Death! And Death Flags all around!
  • The numerous cast continues to grow in character development! The writers are consistently giving us little character moments about all of them, basically: it’s got a core kernel of “protagonists”, but the supporting cast is never forgotten.
  • Interesting stuff about the theme of the stigma for body modifications: it’s not just the Whiskers, it’s cyborgs in general! I never really noticed that the Old Man Kassapa had mechanic legs. Related: we’re gonna get a Full Cyber Ein soon, aren’t we? Oh, the drama…
  • We have a masked guy! …but he’s got a grey wig …and he’s an ally? Not sure, we’ll see. Happy to see it’s not just a Char Expy though. Very interesting stuff about McGillis Fareed’s background though: he’s pro-cyber, he’s revealed to be an outsider (and an adopted child)… I’m gonna bet he’s got an Alaya-Vijnana implant and he’s actually a Martian Orphan himself. EDIT: I forgot about this… he’s the son of a mistress of his father… so yeah, more reasons to think he’s a Martian “lost boy” that was “rescued” and brought back to the family. Explains a lot of his difficult relationship with his father.
  • We’re getting hints that the Alaya-Vijnana implant when coupled with the sensors and processors of a Gundam (and possibly other machines too) interfaces at the subconscious level, basically reproducing the “uncanny instincts” of the classic NewType Pilots of UC Gundam shows.
  • Kudelia is growing: she had to face her own ignorance, and privilege, and chose to take responsibility and to leave behind some of her childish naivete.
  • Cool space battles! Did I mention cool space battles? Yeah, I did: more ship-to-ship battles, with more crazy maneuvering! Eugene’s evolution was fun, but also genuine. I kinda want a model of the Isaribi.
  • The women from the Turbines continue to kick ass big-time… and again, it’s good to see they are assumed to be competent pilot/warriors (more competent than the protags themselves). The grey “undercover” Turbines MS is cool. Note to self: do not mess with Azee.
  • Oh, poor Biscuit. You really Raised your (death) Flag a bit too much this time. But! an overweight character that is never played as a joke, whose importance for Orga we are reminded time and time again, whose being out of shape doesn’t get in the way of him stripping to his tank-top to pilot the Mobile Worker… I fully expect a tear filled next episode with his funeral.
  • The Norba/Yamagi ship might never sail, but it’s kinda cute.