Featured image of post Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 12-13 (Capsule Review)

Iron-Blooded Orphans episodes 12-13 (Capsule Review)

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I know I’m sounding like a broken record now, but… yep, still good.

The pirates were “Jojo-level over-the-top”, but apart for their looks… what a bunch of bastards!

Spoilers below

The Flag that’s risen in the OP was a huge Death Flag for Masahiro, unfortunately. I had little hope of him surviving, and was right. The character development continues apace: big, overt things. But also subtle details. I’m actually imprssed by the writing in this show. Some highlights:

  • The brutal fight between foot soldiers assaulting the ship: none of the Tekkadan wanted to kill the kids… but they shot on them, and was bloodshed.
  • Orga’s speech welcoming the Human Debris kids in Tekkadan. He was genuinely moving… and the authors did not forget to have the Tekkadan Human Debris (the guards right there) react to it too. Orga is consolidating his role of head of the family. I hope he does not break under the pressure.
  • The various reactions to the very idea of a funeral: big chunk of worldbuilding there. Also Orga’s little talk with the lady accountant, and his change of mind about at least officially holding and officiating the funeral.
  • The funeral itself: damn if I did not have wet eyes. Also, again, some more development of secondary characters with the techie kid making the Ice Flowers with the Old Man.
  • Mikatsuki: his barrier to keep emotions far away seems to finally be crumbling. He’s still a borderline sociopath, but it seems he might learn to understand and express emotions again soon.
  • Impressive ensemble cast, really: the only other Gundam show I’ve seen with such a big number of recognizable characters was Victory, and the way they instantly became cannon fodder for Kill-em-all-Tomino when they became the least bit important was tiring.
  • Oh, almost forgetting… what the hell is up with McGillis’ arranged marriage? I mean, I get the social norm among the aristocracy… but he seems to be into it. Either he’s a cold-hearted schemer, or he’s a fucking creep. I still can’t tell which.