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Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 42

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And momentous change.

The episode opens on the omen of death for Jasley. I appreciated how it was pronounced by Azee.

Then we jump to Kudelia’s office, and when the tv broadcast is starting… we jump back in time.

The Opening continues to be poignant. “A transitory flash of brilliant light. Like a flower blooming on a battlefield. Be beautiful, warrior.”

The space battle was well written.

Jasley is fighting for his interests, but Tekkadan is fighting for revenge, and pain, and honor.

McGillis is right, Jasley has no hope to win.

Barbatos Lupus Rex is a terrifying beast. As expected.

Dante and Chad on the LandMan-Rodi are a well oiled team, guarding each other’s back. Team Human-Debris FTW.

I was a bit surprised to see the Hekija in the hands of Hush the noob… but it was touching to see how Shino and the others said it was also a precious machine and a memento from the Turbines.

Iok’s betrayal looked simply as if him (and Rustal) were throwing Jasley under the bus… but it was actually a quite successful case of dune-like scheming aikido by McMurdo Barriston. Well played Old Man, especially since you cleared Teiwaz and Tekkadan through Arianrhod… which might not be there for long holding its credits over your head.

This is another big battle where we see refueling and short breaks for pilots, a detail I really like. And Akihiro has another painful moment.

Oooh, ominous moment between Julieta and Chief Mechanic Yamazin from Gjallarhorn… “to fight the devil equally you might need to throw away someging” (implied: your “pure” humanity). Will we see an Ara-Shiki upgrade for Julieta and Julia?

Orga’s video call with Jasley… He managed to keep the “badass chief” composure for long enough. “Crush them”. (aside: Mika has started closing the opposite eye from Orga when doing something important)

And then, we’re back at the start of the episode. Civil War.

Merribit will stay with Tekkadan.

Kudelia… she’s been cut off for her safety, and that hurts.

It’s all in now. No turning back.

And finally we have that nice little talk between Mika and Orga. “I just want to laugh my head off when I finally get there”.

8 episodes left for a revolution. Oh and… looks like McGillis doesn’t have whiskers after all (we see his back from the side in the preview).