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Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 39

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Another episode of reflection. And some backstory. And a lot of pheels and omens!

  • Lafter and Akihiro… damn I think that will be it. I mostly fear for Lafter. Doom seems impending. Her “so that will be it” seems to be an acknowledgement that earning the respect and trust of Akihiro might be all she gets in this relationship, mostly because he’s still so deep beyond the pain and violence barrier built growing up as human debris.
  • Atra and Kudelia… I can understand the intent, but that’s not a good idea girls. Though I can appreciate the awkward but open possibility of a poly triad with no fanservice attached.
  • Oh yeah, obviously… Iok must die, badly. I think I already said that, right?
  • Same goes for asshole misogynistic Teiwaz guy
  • A fleet of badass space shipping women. Sure, in the story they needed Naze (a man) as a catalyst to become the Turbines, and he technically is in command… but this is just the first generation. I doubt a man will be in charge of the next gen liberated Turbines.
  • Young Naze and Amida, a nice touch (also, Amida is super hot and badass no matter the age)… I liked how they are both casually sexy but the animation didn’t seem to indulge too much in the usual fanservice that’s so common in anime. The shot of Amida’s bare back was sensual, sure, but it felt natural to me. A different show would have been all boob shots and venus’ mons peeking between the thighs.
  • And damn, I kinda want a miniseries of the Adventures of Amida, Space Mercenary. She definitely always had a handle on mobile suit combat. Aside: more potential models!
  • Confirmed: Julieta has a new model. Curious to see it.
  • McGillis has decided to rally the troops for real: shit is going down soon.
  • Again, nice touch on the Railguns. Uses them in a very clever way in the plot, and makes their use on the Flauros more relevant. Not simply a new cannon, but a banned relic weapon.
  • As a general theme for the episode… Family. Family is back front and center, thanks to Naze… who is much less a vacuous playboy than he likes to boast ^___^

Oh, let’s not forget: new OP and ED: many glimpses of future models here and there! Some custom Shidens (like the yellow one), but also the white one… is that the Baal? It looks a lot like Barbatos, but without its signature red accents. And the blue one. In the ED… a little tear when we see Biscuit’s cap near the farm window. And damn, that’s a big cast lined up! Not all of them are fully shaped named characters… but most are! Impressive.

And speaking of the OP… McGillis going for the romantic kiss with a 12yo. Hmmm.

As it often happens with IBO… a shitton of stuff has actually happened in such an apparently interstitial episode.