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Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 38

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“one month later”… whaaat?

Ok, the use of the flashback framing device was clever.

They didn’t really let the characters tell the story, instead showing it normally… but the fact that it’s one month later is significant.

As is the reluctance to show us Mika.

Almost like the narrator shares the same feelings as Orga.

So the Mobile Armor is gone.

Given the shows proclivity towards parts reuse I would not be surprised if the “Large MS” they just announced was really some mashup with parts of the MA. The beam cannon especially (have you noticed the cool “angry horn” sound it makes when shooting?).

The fight was brutal.

Mika destroyed Barbatos again, and it destroyed part of him. Again.

Iok is an ass, and so deeply pampered he can’t realize it. Even Rustal threw him under the bus. And now he’ll make some more damage with Osaka-style guy from Teiwaz.

Julieta… Julieta is still young. Could her path be getting an Alaya-Vijnana interface to pilot a Gundam Frame? She sure is crazy enough to try it “to be the sharpest sword” at the service of Rustal.

As noted in the last episode, McGillis knows who is piloting Vidar, and the thing is not played as some big mystery.

I like this show’s approach to these little moments of melodrama (think Montag’s identity in S01).

But what’s the resolution he got to after watching Mika embody the fighting spirit that ended the Calamity War? Is he digging out a Gundam too? Is he maybe revealing an Ara-Shiki interface too?

Atra… man alive Atra that might not be a sane reaction! Ok, I understand the drive to give the world another generation, but a baby is not exactly a sane way to keep your connection to Mika, ffs.

Riden-go: excellent!

And always funny how everybody gives Shino shit for his fixation on cool names for the MS.

And Orga/Mika’s little moment. Shit. Mika has inherited the martyr mantle form Kudelia.

If he survives the end of this season I’ll be very surprised.