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Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 37

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Spoilers below.

Lots of pheels! Pheels interspersed with giant robot battles!

Dammit Ride, stop trying to die! Who would have imagined it back in season one that the small redhead kid would become such a badass :-D

The showdown with Vidar is postponed, but now McGillis knows who is in it.

Nice back and forth power struggle between Tekkadan and McGillis’ faction of Gjallarhorn… and nice that the main actors recognize it and act on it.

We now know who the White Unicorn Shiden is for! I guess we’ll see Orga in a Mobile Suit before the end of the show.

Especially since the Alaya-Vijnana system that is left in the IBO world after 300 years is sub-par and probably only Mika can operate a Gundam Frame while fighting the Mobile Armor, and we still don’t know at what cost.

The last image with the Barbatos flaming eye after Mika’s bloodshot eye was powerful.

I appreciated that they bothered to justify the transformation of the Flauros: it needs to dig into the ground to resist the huge recoil of the railgun cannons. It’s still goofy, but eh…

Oh and… oh the ship-baiting! Come on! Yamagi riding in the Flauros on Shino’s lap??? And the big oaf is still completely oblivious.

Edit: almost forgetting… Atra, Kudelia and Mika, it’s building up to be a functional poly relationship. Assuming they all survive, which is not a given.