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Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 32

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War is hell (in case you forgot, emmer effers).

We knew either Takaki or Aston would die. We knew. But it was the young former human debris that bit the bullet.

Aston’s last words were lucid, and sad: “I just found out what it means to really want to live… so now I’m more sad to be going”. Feh, I have something in my eyes.

It was nice seeing McGillis express some emotion, too: for a moment he was really scared it was the end for him too. And I think his “vision” of the legend of the founder of Gjallarhorn was sincere, too.

I think he now considers Mika something more than a simple combat peer.

Akihiro. Galan was right, he lost another member of his family, if not by blood. And his punishment was brutal, and relentless, and rash, and scary. You don’t want to piss off Akihiro.

Takaki. Poor Takaki. Mika recognized the look on his face. Gave him his gun without a word. Mika is much more empathetic than we gave him credit for for a long time. And Takaki took another step in the direction of the ruthless soldier.

Galan’s word echo over his own actions, not only over Akihiro’s: they are on the path to become just like him, as adults. Because war is hell.

And this is a Gundam show after all, in case people forgot :)