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Iron-Blooded Orphans episode 28

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Another episode in the can! Sometimes it’s surprising how much stuff can fit a less than 25 minutes episode!

Spoilers below.

A lot of stuff happening!

First, we learn that yeah, Mika is really trying to develop some non-combat skills. And after all working at the farm was one of his aspirations in S01 if I remember correctly… nice to see he’s been working on new crops.

Kudelia’s plots take a back seat… but I assume there’s nefarous plans afoot against her too.

Meanwhile, in space… Wheeee space battles!

Looks like Eugene’s skill has gone up again: he pilots three ships this time. And he’s in charge, no questions asked: a nice little character beat there when Orga ordered the Gjallarhorn guys to yeld command to him.

Merribit is now officially part of Tekkadan I assume, not just on temp loan… nice bit having her dress in Tekkadan fatigues, while Orga is all suited up for his commander role. The relationship between these two works very well, too: Merribit is more ready to take orders from Orga, but she’s still the more grown-up, and she’s still trying to rein in Orga’s rashness.

The battle, well it was GREAT! And it was only half of it!

Ships outmaneuvering each other, mobile suits acting as skirmishers (nice bit of lore there: Mobile Suits are very powerful, but are not capital-ship killers like in the UC. Different power balance).

This is also the first drawn out battle: in all of what was happening, they managed to slip in a good minute of refueling and repairing mid-battle, full of nice details like the pressurized corridor for giving refreshments to the pilot, fast.

MS wise… I’m already dreading the upcoming release of the black/gold Reginglaze as a P-Bandai item: it’s one of the best so far from Gjallarhorn.

The grunts continue to shine on all sides. And the Hugos are very weird but work pretty well.

I’m only sad all those beautiful ship designs will never come out as models (and even as pricey figures, I doubt we’ll have other ships apart for the Isaribi).

Oh right… the new OP is pretty damn good too, now that I’ve listened to it a few times.