Fixing Titanuim Backup in Revolver 4.0RC1

So let’s say you have an Asus Eepad TF101 transformer, you are tired of the recurring problems (random reboots and so on) with the ICS stock rom,that you don’t want to sacrifice battery life to WakeLock and you are not that confident Asus knows how to fix it… and you decided to take the plunge and install a custom ROM.

Like I did.

Well first you need root (can’t help you there, I rooted before letting it upgrade to ICS),  then you need CWM recovery (again, look it up on xda: use gnufabio’s RecoveryInstaller, it works), then you install your ROM. 

I chose gnufabio’s Revolver because even in Release Candidate state it’s reported to be perfectly stable with guevor’s kernels.

So now we get to the actual meat of the post: after install Titanuim Backup wasn’t working right: it reported all permissions OK but when restoring it would get stuck forever.

If you get this error there’s an easy but not obvious fix: reinstall busybox.

Really, that’s it.

Personally I used an app on Play Store called (duh) BusyBox Installer. All fixed. Have fun!

Standard disclaimer applies: if you break something you get to keep the pieces. Read instructions carefully,  think twice, then read again.