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Barton, Eye of the Hawk

My friend Epidiah Ravachol trew the gauntlet with his June Rogue Challenge over on the g+ Swords Without Master community (and I quote):

“Take a comic book superhero as your simulacrum or eidolon, strip the character down, and completely rebuild them as a rogue.”

So, I made a thing.

Barton, Eye of the Hawk

All That Deserves a Name

The Talons of the Hawk: Bow and Arrows, simple hunting tools, become instruments of preternatural precision in the hands of the Eye of the Hawk. No shot is impossible, just very hard.

Exploding Arrows: charged with fire and lightning, these arrows can damage huge opponents, or dazzle the eyes of a dragon.

Boomerang Arrow: imbued with arcane enchantment, this arrow hits from unexpected directions. Respect the boomerang.

Lucky: The dog. Not huge or fierce, but loyal and smart, capable of lifting spirits with a lick to the face, or solve a crime with his nose.

Feats Heroic

Jovial: Jumping and vaulting obstacles, the Eye of the Hawk spouts banter and jokes while shooting multiple arrows at the same time, all hitting the mark.

Glum: In the midst of the chaos of battle, time seems to slow down to a halt, sound disappears, a single arrow is nocked, the bow drawn, the shaft flying silent and swift, piercing the target where it is most vulnerable.


“Ok, this looks bad”: Once per game, when deciding the next Phase, you can make it a Perilous Phase and the Thunder must be something that menaces impending doom to your character. For further info about the Swords Without Master sword and sorcery rpg, or the zine it was published in, Worlds Without Master, check out Epidiah’s Patreon page.