The Kull Experience

Ok, time for a silly interlude.

Saturday evening on TV (around 11pm) there was “Kull the Conqueror”.

I’ve seen it in the past and it’s an honest, relatively fun B-movie. Oh and it has Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame. Big plus.

This time I watched it in a very “new millennium” style: while chatting with my good friends Giulia and Luca, plus a new acquaintance, Barbara (former roommate of Giulia).

It started as a joke “Be there, you can’t miss this movie!” and we found ourselves all watching it while commenting via chat.

Being text-only it was only mildly distracting (especially having seen the movie already… it’s not like it has some complex plot, right?), and on the other hand it really made the experience much more fun: the snark level was high, the nerd references abundant, the startled comments of “WHO? did what?” at the name drops of unknown characters or setting elements, the copious rpg references (hey, the monk totally gives Kull a Fate Point coin to pay for the ‘plot dump minute’ he does).

It added lots to the enjoyment of the movie. So, yeah, it’s something to do again.

And it will be called The Kull Experience, no matter what bad movie we’ll be watching.