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Potted Plant

Yes, it’s an abstract plastic bonsai.

It’s deliciously silly and I love it.

It’s a tiny plastic kit (it’s like… 3cm tall?) I just got from Japan yesterday and decided to spiffy it up a bit: the original pot is the same brown plastic/color of the trunk and you are supposed to stick some black cardboard to it… no way!

I busted out my Vallejo acrylics and layered some white primer, then black, then old brass, and finally some verdigris effect; all finished with gloss varnish. Oh and the “dirt” is black plus flat brown plus smoke wash. I gotta say, I’m surprised how nice the overall effect came out.

It’s the latest addition to my nerd corner in the office. It will fit right in.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0