Me and Janus Design

I have been a member of Associazione Culturale Janus, the non-profit organization that owns the editorial brand Janus Design… basically from before it even existed.

Me, Flavio and Simone were already working on the Italian edition of EvilHat’s Don’t Rest Your Head (Non Cedere Al Sonno), together with several other brave volunteers (like Ciro) and the collaboration formally crystallized later that year in the creation of the non-profit org, of which I’m now Vice President (which sounds very official but really only means that I’m Simone’s deputy).

I have since been involved in a lesser or greater form in the translation, editing and publishing of both Non Cedere Al Sonno and Esoterroristi, the two books that we have out, I was one of the translators of Ben Lehman’s Polaris, another “not really easy” text, and in most of the other projects that are brewing in Janus.

I tackled, together with my valiant co-translator Giulia, the very complex task of rendering a book brimming with puns, jokes and weird prose like Don’t Lose Your Mind in the language of Dante (who, being a witty Florentine man who inserted many bizarre and pretty rude scenes in his Inferno, would have probably approved of the text). Our biggest undertaking has been  Spirit of the Century’s translation (Lo Spirito del Secolo), and then we proceeded bringing more excellent games to Italy.

In a short time we have brought a nice slice of the finest production of modern role-playing games to Italy, where they went from practically unknown curiosity to a force to be considered. Really, looking back at what we’ve done I’m still amazed by the overall quality (and quantity!) of our games.

We went from zero to bringing international guests over from the States for Lucca Comics and winning prizes in a blaze.