Featured image of post Desura II (non-scale mecha colle Bandai)

Desura II (non-scale mecha colle Bandai)

This was a quick diversion: the mecha colle ships are tiny, but jam-packed with surface details. I had this build for a while (it’s only a handful of pieces on three small runners), but I took the time to actually finish it.

Primed with Tamiya Fine Light-Gray Surface Primer and base coated with Tamiya Blue Gloss (TS-15) rattlecan, I then painted in the light areas with a tiny brush and Vallejo acrylics (first some white primer, and then white, and some super diluted red to give it a bit of blending).

The whole thing was then slathered with Tamiya Black Panel Line wash, and when it was dry I removed a lot of it using cotton-buds and some isopropyl alcohol.

I decided against trying to paint the dark maroon of the inside of the cannons because I didn’t have the right color, and I figured they would be so dark, and so small, that they’d be hard to see. Same with the bridge “bubbles”: so tiny!

On the plus sideā€¦ the Mecha Colle kits always look SO DAMN GOOD!

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0