The game of competitive greek hero roleplaying.

Think Clash of Titans meets Troy, meets The Argonauts… and kick some ancient monster ass!

I’ve produced a couple of handy toys for Agon: one is an Emblem to presonalize the Agon folder on my Gnome linux desktop. Here you can see it in action.

Emblem usage example
Emblem usage example

…and here you can download it. And, planning for a possible online playing session, I also made a png of the Range Strip to use in MapTool: coupled with some nifty shield images I got from the Agon forum at the Forge (IIRC) it should enable me to play online.

Click the image to see it fullsize:

Agon Range Strip

Just drop it in a MapTool cobblestone map, and you are ready to go.

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