A Penny For My Thoughts wins the Lucca Games 2011 Side Award for Best Rules!

The Lucca Comics and Games 2011 fair has not yet started in earnest but some of the awards are already coming: the Italian edition of A Penny For My Thoughts, written by Paul Tevis (and edited by Ryan Macklin) has been awarded the “Best Rules” Side Award.

Each year a panel of judges assigns the Best of Show prizes for best rpg, best boadgame, best card game and so on; these prizes are announced on the first day of fair’s night.

They also award the “Side Awards” for specific merits among, and those are announced early.

We Janus people are extremely proud of this and very happy for our friends Paul and Ryan, especially when you consider that the Side Awards are picked among all the candidates to the Best of Show, among which are several very cleverly designed boardgames this year.

So here we are: Penny has the Best Rules!