3:16 (ThreeSixteen) Full set of Tokens

I’ve completed my set of tokens for ThreeSixteen, a reoleplaying game by Gregor Hutton that you can find on his BoxNinja website, and you can buy in pdf of hardcopy from IPR or DriveThroughRPG (check his site, there are direct pointers) I have the full range of rangs from lowly Trooper to Brigadier, plus the “blip” threat tokens.

They are intended for online play, using a Virtual Tabletop app like Maptool (but I guess other softwares would work as well), and the gallery I uploaded includes some range strips: the smaller ones are again for use in Maptool.

The tokens are 64x64 pixels: set the grid of maptool to that size and you are good to go.

I guess you can print them on cardstock, or stick them to some kind of thick base, as well, to use them face to face.

The colors are what they are, not particularly pretty, but easily distinguishable.

If someone wants the SVG source (for inkscape, illustrator and the like) please just ask me.

Also, for those that are printing them, I’ve done a couple of “full sheets” of Alien Threat tokens (since you’ll need some): They are 300dpi png images, so they should print well in any conditions. Let me know. They are in A4 format: Alien Threats, A4 and in Letter format for you nonstandard american types Alien Threats, Letter